Intelligent Solutions

At Gallium we are redefining the way organisations, from medium enterprises to large corporations and public institutions, participate in business processes across organisational boundaries.

Our dedication and commitment to providing the perfect solution to address our customers’ operational challenges, our business partners can rest assured that their needs will be met and that they will receive the highest level of service and expertise.

Capabilities and Solutions

Business Process Integration

Business processes for many organisations go beyond the organisational boundary to include clients, partners and suppliers, and managing this process efficiently and securely is crucial.

Document Automation

A key element in business processes revolves around the transactional documents that evidence the transaction.

Electronic Signatures

Data recapturing, document indexing and verification remain a costly part of the process in any organisation.

Central Certification

For organisations responsible for certifying the standard or quality of products or services, or validating documents, Gallium provides the necessary platform to securely digitise the certification process.

Supplier Managment

Managing supplier lists is a cumbersome task involving sourcing up-to-date supplier documents including BEEE certificates, registration documentation, and insurance documentation.

Risk Management and Fraud Prevention

With every transaction, an organisation is exposed to credit and fraud risk, as well as the risk of heavy fines or corporate reputation damage related to anti-money laundering legislation.