Who we are

The Dawn of Gallium

With a strong heritage in bank-focussed systems, and as trusted business partners recognised for providing solutions that simplify complex business processes, we have a keen appreciation for the integrity and security of information and process management. Formally known as the Korbitec Banking Services Division, our expertise and capabilities have continuously evolved, and the time has come to expand our reach. Our innate understanding of business process integration, and our long history of technology innovation, make us the ideal business partner for medium and large enterprises, public institutions and financial organisations.

With a new name and a renewed focus, we have more to offer than ever, and we are perfectly poised to redefine the way stakeholders participate in business processes across organisational boundaries.

Why “Gallium?”

Gallium, a valuable metal, is a fundamental – albeit lessor known – role-player in technology.

From the ultra high-speed logic chips and amplifiers in cell phones to solar panels on satellites and the Mars Exploration Rover, gallium is critical to the creation of much of the technology that underpins our everyday lives, particularly as pertains to communication technologies.

Inasmuch as this element plays a crucial role innovative technologies, so too do we. Our products and solutions provide the “behind-the-scenes” capabilities that allow stakeholders to communicate more efficiently, and an organisation’s business processes to run smoothly.

The Future with Gallium

Just as elemental gallium doesn’t occur in free form in nature, Gallium forms part of a larger, established organisation as a division of LexisNexis, a member of the RELX Group. With the backing and support of these immensely experienced organisations, we strive to embody the inspiration behind our name by performing a key role in developing the technologies that underpin our customers’ business processes and client interaction capabilities.

We are poised to provide innovative, high-value business solutions that enable transparent processes across organisational boundaries. We understand the complexities inherent in business processes, and are able to draw on our years of experience within our field to ensure that our solutions are built to address these.

Our trusted expertise ensures that we are able to confidently embrace challenges and see the possibilities that lie ahead. We believe in the power of collaboration, and our capabilities and integrity ensure efficiency and reliability in both our service and solutions. What’s more, our dedication and commitment to providing the perfect solutions to operational challenges, our customers can rest assured that their needs will be met and that they will receive the highest level of service and technical proficiency.

Security is at the forefront of our drive for reliability, flexibility and efficiency, and we are dedicated to evolving and remaining at the forefront of technological development in order to provide our customers and business partners with the best solutions and world-class support.

What We Stand For

Our Vision

Gallium aims to redefine the way stakeholders participate in business processes across organisational boundaries by creating secure, intuitive and innovative technology platforms for all customers from medium enterprises to large corporations and public institutions in South Africa.

Our Mission

We strive to achieve this through the delivery of end-to-end, integrated document automation, distributed process management and communication solutions to empower all industries, mitigating risk and managing internal and external processes to the benefit of the organisation and all its stakeholders.


To deliver intelligent solutions to address complex business challenges.

Our History

  • Founding of Compustat

    The origins of Gallium track back to the founding of Compustat, when two childhood friends in their final year at the University of Cape Town in 1976 formed a company that merged stationery with data via a personal computer. Collaboration between Nedbank and Compustat (as we were known then) saw the birth of the Rapidoc Home Loan Approval System. This ground-breaking MS DOS-based system used modem command strings to provide Business Process Integration between Nedbank and their Attorneys for the bond registration process.
  • APCS & Planet

    Compustat was also responsible for the development of the Absa Property Computer System (APCS) which merged with Comprehensive Property Service in 1994 to create Property and Loan Application Network (Planet) which was owned by the four major South African Banks.
  • The Birth of Korbitec

    Following the sale of Compustat, together with its Internet Africa subsidiary to Datatec, Korbitec was constituted out of a mutually acceptable management buyout of the software development components of Datatec and UUNET in 1999 with the intention of reinstating the software development origins of the founders.
  • WebConvey and WinDeed

    The early 2000s saw the birth of WebConvey, a feature-rich, comprehensive Business Process Integration systems specifically developed for the Banks’ processes within the conveyancing industry. Korbitec’s acquisition of WinDeed also saw the birth of the risk management and public data capabilities. Shortly thereafter, ITC and CIPRO (Companies and Intellectual Property Registration Office) searches were added to the Korbitec search product offering, building a rich legacy of providing high-quality public record information to our customers.
  • Gateway & Risk Management

    Korbitec launched its Gateway solution in 2007, a secure business process integration platform enabling Financial Institutions, Attorneys and other Property Professionals to electronically collaborate on various processes via their preferred software systems. The risk management capabilities were enhanced in the same year when WinDeed launched Spider Search, combining current and historic Deeds Office records across all Deeds Offices with antenuptial contracts and CIPRO records to provide comprehensive direct and indirect asset ownership profiling.
  • GhostInstruct

    In 2008, GhostInstruct was launched as the stand-alone web-based solution for niche Banks to collaborate with Attorneys and Property Professionals linked to Korbitec Gateway.

    2010 saw major advances in our document automation capabilities with the launch of the Korbitec Online Document Assembly platform, an enterprise document automation platform for the centralisation and management of templates and document generation.

    This social-media-style platform was built to enhance the collaboration among the myriad of stakeholders involved in the property transaction. In the same year, the first products introducing electronic signatures were developed for use in the digitisation of documents. The early stages of this decade was a time in which many more processes were integrated using the various platforms, including Distressed Property Sales / Transfer processes, processes for consent to cancel bonds, and deceased estate and foreclosure processes.

    We started with expansion into the rest of Africa with the launch of Korbitec Gateway to Namibia and GhostInstruct for Namibian Banks.

    We launched GhostInstruct Online, a lightweight collaboration and business process integration platform and by 2015, this was being used to facilitate deceased estate and foreclosure processes for many of our large-scale corporate customers.

    This was the year that the Absa Guarantee Hub was launched. This ground-breaking platform combines the power of business process integration, document automation and electronic signatures to provide trusted, tamperproof electronic Bank guarantees.

    In the same year, Korbitec was acquired by LexisNexis South Africa, a member of the RELX Group. This significant development brings further enhancements to our capabilities, particularly regarding risk management, fraud prevention and “know your client” (KYC) strengths. With a strong focus on innovation and broadening our market, we continue to push the boundaries of technology to offer all our stakeholders the simplest and most efficient processes.