Online Document Assembly

Launched in 2009, Online Document Assembly is built as an enterprise document assembly platform that enables institutions to centrally manage complex document templates to be used throughout the decentralised channel environment. 

Online Document Assembly is standards based and built with a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for ease of integration.  

With unique features such as automated unit testing and document audit, institutions now have greater visibility and control over their document templates.


Signisure is a game-changing platform that simply and securely facilitates all processes at the point of contract signature.

Built on proven capabilities already used to sign thousands of documents and contracts worth more than R30bn, Signisure’s trusted platform offers our unique South African legal and business markets the choice between ordinary electronic signatures and Advanced Electronic Signatures in line with current legislation.

Attorney Scorecard

The Attorney Scorecard is a system that allows institutions to automatically rate the performance of service providers based on a number of criteria..

The objective of the Attorney Scorecard is to assist institutions in their decision-making process when allocating work to service providers. Data from various sources is combined and used within a rules-based engine to automate or streamline the onerous task of work allocation.

Built with a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), the Attorney Scorecard provides an easy-to-use smart-client interface to manage the rules engine, while flexible reporting and alert tools provide transparency and efficiency throughout the process


With every transaction, an organisation is exposed to credit and fraud risk, as well as the risk of heavy fines or corporate reputation damage related to anti-money laundering legislation. Gallium provides integration with the largest set of public record information for improved risk management, KYC and fraud prevention capabilities.

Client, employee and supplier screening has never been as efficient and cost effective. Access all local and global news, company and individual property information, sanctions, Politically Exposed People (PEP) and watch lists.


Gateway is a business-to-business (B2B) integration platform for all property stakeholders.

Gateway enables secure, structured communication from within stakeholders’ internal systems. It allows organisations to collaborate with each other, and links external parties such as the Deeds Office, Estate Agents, Mortgage Originators, Customers, CIPC and Surveyor General.

Korbitec has also pioneered convenient, electronic integration with SARS, providing seamless communication between attorneys and SARS and enabling electronic processes for requests and submission of documents for Transfer Duty Applications.

Compliance Manager

Compliance Manager, implemented to manage mortgagee attorney panels, allows attorneys to electronically upload and store their compliance documentation from within their conveyancing software.

This tool facilitates the end-to-end electronic processing of Attorney Compliance Management tasks. Both mortgagees and attorney panels are now able to manage firm and staff details, and documents electronically, allowing for verification and approval of Attorney compliance documents electronically.  Exception reporting and notifications also enable the mortgagee to manage by exception, significantly reducing the workload.

Online Document Exchange

A fundamental part of most existing processes is the receiving, digitising, indexing and verifying of paper documents for further use in the process.  This process can be slow and cumbersome, involving faxes, third-party document handling companies and physical files.

Gallium provides Online Document Exchange, a platform that service providers can send documents to institutions indexed and quality checked, thereby greatly reducing the verification burden.  The source and integrity of the documents are ensured through electronic certification, while workflows allow the recipient to easily verify the quality and completeness of documents.

Supporting rules-driven document lists, Online Document Exchange assists to ensure that your service provider sends you a complete set of documentation for every transaction.

Guarantee Hub

The Guarantee Hub is a system designed to improve the process of requesting, issuing and accepting guarantees, while at the same time providing all stakeholders improved visibility and control of the guarantee process.

Utilising Gallium’s central certification capabilities, the Guarantee Hub digitises a manual, paper-based process, resulting in a certified and tamperproof digital document, faster processing times and reduced fraudulent activity.

The Guarantee Hub enforces mandate levels and protects the integrity of the information used in the digital documents, creating a controlled, central mandate register. With broad acceptance from all major South African Banks, the Guarantee Hub is fast becoming the standard for the issuing of guarantees in the market.


GhostInstruct is a web-based, out-of-the-box attorney instruction and pipeline management solution.

Launched in 2008, this web-based solution enables banks, property developers and others to both instruct and collaborate with attorneys electronically and enables banks to electronically instruct and manage attorney panels. GhostInstruct also provides a secure, auditable communication trail.


WebConvey is a comprehensive smart-client conveyancing process and panel management software which facilitates the processing of bonds, cancellations and transfers for clients.

WebConvey integrates directly with the bank’s back-end systems, allowing data to be collected from various independent sources into a single matter, ready for checking and instruction. It also allows the bank greater control and visibility of the entire conveyancing process.  WebConvey uses built-in business rules and logic when creating a matter that determines which documents will be required for the client and attorney during the conveyancing process.

A strict workflow is enforced, allowing WebConvey to track turnaround times, request certain events to take place and prompt for various requirements and documents at selected steps during the life of the matter. WebConvey’s comprehensive functionality allows banks to simply and easily monitor and control all their matters.